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National Association of Nigerian Students Stage Protest Against 300% Fee Increase in Edo State University.

Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma witnessed a peaceful protest organised by the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) on Friday the 23rd june 2023, demanding the reversal of over 300 per cent increase in school fees.

The state government had earlier been reported to have increased AAU school fees from 185,000 and 216,000 being paid previously to between 741,000 and 638,000 respectively.

The protesting students also demanded the sack of the Special Intervention Team (SIT) set up by the State government to oversee the affairs of the university, as well as the acting vice-chancellor of the university, Prof. Sonnie Adagbonyin.

The NANS vice-president, inter campus affairs, Comrade Vanessa Egheahia, said NANS would storm the school if the state government does not revert to the old fees, saying poor students cannot afford to go to school if the new fees stand.

According to her, with the new fees AAU has become the most expensive public university in the country. “Law students are expected to pay 714,000 as against 185,000 while Medical Science Students are to pay 638,000 as against 216,000”.

“We are angry because the Edo state government and AAU Special Intervention Team (SIT) have increased the school fees for AAU students by over 360%”. She said. “It is not possible, remember that Edo is a 78% civil service state, how can the children of traders, civil servants and other low-income earners pay this kind of school fees? The Edo state government has told that they have a low education policy and they don’t care if we end up in the streets” she said. They promised to occupy the school if the government does not revert the school fees.

Meanwhile, the Edo state government has not responded to the matter.



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